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About us

The Entrepreneurship Avenue is designed to inspire and encourage students from various fields. Since day 1, we have been able to do so thanks to a strong (startup) ecosystem and supporters.

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10 years of entrepreneurship avenue


Deliberately seen as an experiment, the first Entrepreneurship Avenue was designed and implemented within just three months by a team of 15 WU students and faculty. With over 600 participants and 25 startup teams, expectations were exceeded right from the first edition!


After the success of the first year, it was clear: Entrepreneurship Avenue is here to stay. In a strategy workshop with Frank Owen, the new organizational team developed the purpose and guiding beliefs of the program to lay the foundation for the coming years. The number of participants could be doubled.


AACSB International, the world’s largest education network, recognized Entrepreneurship Avenue as a best practice in entrepreneurship education. In 2016 there were three times as many participants as in 2014, and in 2017 four times as many students were part of the Avenue.


We reinforced the workshop series and the cross-university collaboration, also thanks to the ECN expansion.


The organizing teams took on the Covid19 challenge in an entrepreneurial manner. They redesigned the Entrepreneurship Avenue into an all-online program in 2020 and realized that this changeover was not only a difficulty, but also brought with it many new opportunities. The Avenue became even more diverse and international than in previous years.


Celebrating the 10th edition of Entrepreneurship Avenue: 15,000 participants, 432 student startup projects, 246 student organizers since 2014

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Entrepreneurship Avenue 2024 Aftermovie



Head Organiser

I cannot wait to make the EA24 a life changing experience for students exploring entrepreneurship and willing to take action!

Head Organiser

I am looking forward to bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and supporting them as they work on their own ideas and dreams during EA24!

Marketing Head

It is already my second EA and I am more than happy to be a part of this amazing community of like-minded people. EA really unites interesting people from different backgrounds and provides a platform for sharing creative ideas, networking, and leading an impact.


Five years ago, I was part of EA as a participant and experienced the dedication with which this event series was organized and how inspiring this environment was. Being a creative mind with marketing expertise myself, I'm excited to be part of the motivated EA organizing team this year and to be able to support others bring their idea one step closer to reality during their time at Entrepreneurship Avenue.

I'm here to be part of fearless creative team! For me EA is all about experiencing diversity and broadening horizons. Being in such an environment brings a great sense of fulfillment!

I always wanted to know what entrepreneurship means and what work stands behind this word. EA inspired me to look behind the scenes and learn more than any university program offers.


What makes EA unique is that students from different backgrounds and fields of study work together on a passion project. As a SIMC student, I love getting to know new people and their perspectives. I'm also really looking forward to the innovative start-up ideas that emerge from it!


I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship in a German student association. It was so much fun to organise events and bring people closer to the topic, that I am now thrilled to be part of an exciting EA Journey in Vienna. I am especially eager to drive our cross-university approach to attract students from all different backgrounds.


I joined EA because I didn’t just want to be part of a student community, but because I wanted to help build and contribute to it. I have already been part of various student clubs and what I like most about it, is to bring people closer together. In my opinion, it broadens horizons and plays a vital role in personal development.

Conference Head

I love being part of Entrepreneurship Avenue because it's a supportive space for creating start-ups. We bring students together, strengthen universities, and I couldn't be prouder to be part of the organizing team.


Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by how businesses are created and how they succeed. EA sounded like the perfect place for me to understand more about entrepreneurship, while at the same time giving me a chance to try and ignite that passion in others as well.


I am super passionate about the entrepreneurship ecosystem and working in different startups, especially in different industries. I think it is an amazing experience to gather knowledge from various industries and how the startups in them work. I also love working with passionate and international people around me like in EA!


While being passionate about creating and developing startups, I became a part of EA. It's about enthusiastic people, freedom for new creative ideas and brainstorming.


Better lead the change than wait for magic. I joined EA because I believe in the power of students, as well as the creativity and innovation that stem from collaborations.

Partners Head

As a SIMC student at WU, I am interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. I believe that solving today's business challenges not only requires skill but collaboration of people with diverse backgrounds, which is the essence of Entrepreneurship Avenue.


I believe there are multiple ways in which entrepreneurship and innovation can create a positive impact on society and tackle current challenges. EA is a great format to give young people from various backgrounds the opportunity to work on their ideas and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and problem-solving.


I loved the working culture, when working in a Startup myself and I am super excited to get to know the Austrian entrepreneurship culture at EA.

I am super excited to be part of the team for EA24! I am looking forward to meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas and learning. But most importantly, I am excited to organize an event which gives students from different backgrounds the chance to collaborate and work on entrepreneurial ideas.

Diving into Entrepreneurship Avenue, I'm igniting my innovative spirit, ready to sculpt the future of startups. It's a launchpad where creativity meets action, offering a dynamic space to forge groundbreaking ideas alongside fellow visionaries. This journey promises not just growth but a revolution in entrepreneurial endeavors.


I'm excited to be on a team helping young people find their entrepreneurial spirit and drive innovation.

Events Head

EA offers me an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship. By working with other students, I can expand my network, develop important skills and gain valuable knowledge about starting and running businesses. I am excited to see how the creativity of the participants unfolds and how innovative ideas are turned into reality while having a positive impact on the community.


Passionate about events, entrepreneurship and innovation, I joined the EA to unite diverse minds in creating something extraordinary. Believing in the power of collaboration, I aim to inspire and support talents as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey during EA24. Excited to make a lasting impact on the Austrian startup scene.

I joined EA because I love the idea of motivating and supporting young peolpe to work on their ideas and dreams. I’m looking forward to meet likeminded people and create something great together.

I am very happy to be a part of the amazing team for EA24! Having an impact on the Austrian entrepreneurship scene and getting in contact with interesting people is a great opportunity to develop myself and my strength.

Being an international student with a background in business and politics, I am very passionate about being around motivated people wanting to create something. I believe making the startup ecosystem here in Vienna as international and diverse as possible is extremely important and I am beyond grateful to be part of the process.

Labs Head

I am highly interested in the startup environment, mainly due to my general love for the business world. Furthermore, I am currently pursuing the SIMC Master's after having completed my Bachelor' at WU, including a specialization in entrepreneurship and innovation.

By becoming a part of EA, I wanted to seize the opportunity to be a catalyst for change, explore the nuances of entrepreneurship, and inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.

As an enthusiast of entrepreneurship and innovation, I am honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of Entrepreneurship Avenue Team 2024. I am looking forward to meeting outstanding people from all walks of life and to exploring all the amazing ideas that will appear during this exciting event.

I joined EA because I love diving into new ideas and building something from scratch. I've previously worked with startups, getting hands-on experience. Plus, I'm all about international teamwork – collaborating with diverse minds is simply fun!

Challenge. Innovate. Create. After seeing those words, I became part of the EA team in 2021. Since then, I've been fascinated by the incredible stories, people, and opportunities EA offers. My goal is to expand those opportunities even further.

I am super excited to be part of the EA24 team this year! I look forward to working with like-minded people and adding my entrepreneurial mindset as well as my organisation skills to the team.

Head of Operations WU Entrepreneurship Center

Co - founder entrepreneurship avenue Director ecn & WU Entrepreneurship center
Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Co - founder entrepreneurship avenue Director ecn & WU Entrepreneurship center

Academic Director SIMC master program, WU Vienna

Head of Operations WU Entrepreneurship Center

Director Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, WU Vienna


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