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[LAB Series continues with our Idea Presentation]

LAB Series continues with our Idea Presentation

After an amazing Kickoff to the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2017, the LAB Series continued with our Idea Presentation Session that took place on April 4 at the University of Technology. Students came together whether they had an idea, were looking for the perfect startup team or just fueling their curiosity and we couldn’t wait to host them for a night filled with entrepreneurial inspiration!

During our second LAB, visitors learned how to avoid beginner’s mistakes and what a good business model is made of. We prepared a keynote featuring WhatAVenture, during which the speakers introduced their Lean Startup Method and other tools students can use on their way to creating their first successful startup.

After the keynote, we continued with the highlight of the evening: our Pitching Session. Visitors got the chance to pitch their own ideas in no longer than 30 seconds using a flip chart they received at the registration. The pitches were followed by our Networking Time, during which visitors could talk to the exciting people behind the ideas they liked most. If both agreed on working together, they would then be able to join forces!

We can’t wait to see the many startup teams again at our third LAB session on April 26 at BOKU Schwackhöferhaus. There, the teams will be paired with experienced mentors of the Austrian startup scene and can profit from industry insiders and advice of well-known entrepreneurs. Our mentors come from a broad range of backgrounds, so no matter which field you’re interested in, we’ll be sure to have the perfect fit ready for you!

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