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[Get ready for the conference!]

Get ready for the conference!

During the fifth and final LAB of the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2017, the Demo Day, we got the chance to listen to a number of creative and professional pitches from our 32 LAB teams. Our jury of experts in the field of entrepreneurship picked out the best of the best to take part in the Pitching Competition, so come and listen to the ideas of these motivated winners and vote for your favorite during the Entrepreneurship Avenue Conference on May 12!


is a new intuitive system that utilizes blockchain technology to protect your passwords. You won’t need to worry anymore about keeping your data safe.

Control your online identity with Omni!

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allows wine lovers to reduce the time needed to taste their favorite bottle. Through the oscillation technology, the product reduces the wine breathing process from several hours to 2-3 min.

Winelovers, get the best taste out of every wine !

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gets you a free drink every day for only 5,99/month.

From now on you won’t be thirsty anymore: become a FRYNX beta user on and get a month for free!

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brings old electronic devices back to life and makes them available at an affordable price. Guaranteed quality, wide product selection & less waste. Get refurbed!

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aims to provide higher quality sleep for everybody by offering a drink that promises relaxation & recovery. We know life is stressful, so stop counting sheep …and drink Blue Sheep!

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allows users to bring the fun of videogames in real life. Soon you’ll be able to drive a real Mario Kart and build your own special circuit. Play xDroid, play to success!

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is a social marketplace that revolutionizes the way of finding people to complete tasks for you, allowing you to post what you need or earn money spontaneously.

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transforms crustacean shells and fungal biomass in a chemical compound that can be utilizable for several industries, even as a vegan component in the food industry. Chitomics is green and sustainable!