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[LAB Series continues with Mentoring]

LAB Series continues with Mentoring

The third LAB session of our five part Entrepreneurship Avenue event series, the Mentoring LAB, allowed teams to receive feedback from experienced mentors from a variety of fields in the Austrian startup scene, ensuring that everyone got the chance to learn from the best of the best! Future entrepreneurs and mentors met on April 26 in the Aula of the BOKU University of Vienna to discuss, plan, and make use of the industry insights their mentors were able to offer.

If people still hadn’t found the right team to work with during the Entrepreneurship Avenue or were still looking for crucial team members, our Panic Room offered time to meet and greet, and, if the match was right, welcome new team members. Our third LAB made sure that everyone found the perfect fit to continue in the Pitch Training.

After the mentors were introduced, teams were divided into groups of three and assigned four to five mentors for the following 1,5 hour coaching sessions. Each team received about half an hour to discuss their project with the mentors that were specifically chosen to meet the needs and ideas of the individual teams.The evening ended with our traditional Networking Session, during which snacks and drinks were served to the teams and mentors. Our LAB#3 finished around 9:45 PM, and we’re sure everyone went home thinking of ways to complete their business model!

The Entrepreneurship Avenue team is greatly looking forward to the next LAB session on May 3 at Die Angewandte, where our talented teams will learn the most important skills in convincing others to invest in them and their business. The LAB#4 Pitch Training will offer individual pitch mentoring sessions for all our teams, preparing them for the final Demo Day and Entrepreneurship Avenue Pitching Competition!

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