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Welcome Words
Vice Rector WU Univ.Prof. Dr. Harald Badinger, Rudolf Dömötör, Monique Schlömmer, Organizing Heads EA24
Keynote 1
Building an Impactful Entrepreneurial Career You Will Love
Eva Keiffenheim (Writer and TedX Speaker)
Panel 1
Funding Possibilities
Alex Kuznetsov (Kodori Ventures), Marius Baumeister (Nestlé), Philipp Thiltges (WhatAVenture), Ben Ruschin (Big Cheese Ventures)
Keynote 2
Importance of Persistance
Misha Kowatschew (Impact Entrepreneur & Investor)
Panel 2
Sustainability in the food industry
Tanja Kreidenhuber (Moderator), Andreas Diesenreiter (Unverschwendet), Georg Strasser Müller (TooGood2Go)
Panel 3
Think big, start small
Travis Pittman (Tourradar), Peter Windischhofer (Refurbed), Lukas Grubauer (Waterdrop)
Pitch Award
Top 10 Pitches
Fireside Chat
The Journey from EA to Exit
Daniel Laiminger (Hokify)
Closing Words
Winner Announcement
O - Klub




Kick off
March 22
Die Angewandte Auditorium
Lab 1
April 8
TUW i²c
Lab 2
April 16
Lab 3
May 13
WU Entrepreneurship Center
Lab 4
May 21
Lab 5
May 27
Startup House
June 4
WU Entrepreneurship Center

WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

Welthandelsplatz 1 Learning Center (LC),
Festsaal 2
1020 Vienna - Austria







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EA24 Team



    Popular Questions

    What is the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

    The Entrepreneurship Avenue is an event series designed to encourage students to explore their opportunities in the startup scene and try out entrepreneurship first hand. In 2024, the event series spans from March 22 to June 4 and has four components:

    1. The Kickoff event is held on March 22 at Die Angewandte Auditorium.
    2. The LABs are mini startup programs consisting of 5 workshops starting on March 22 till May 27. During the workshop series, you work on turning an idea into a viable startup and receive support from startup professionals, mentors and pitch trainers. The top ten teams get to participate at the Pitch Award at the Conference to win exciting prizes.
    3. Offline networking events in Vienna in cooperation with our event partners in between the Lab series.
    4. The Conference – the grand finale of the event series – all day at the University of Economics and Business (WU) on June 4.
    How can I participate in the Kick-off/Conference/offline events?

    For each event you need to register via Eventbrite. Click here to register

    When is the deadline to apply for the startup program (Labs) of the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

    The deadline to sign up for Lab #1 of the Lab series is on March 22, 2024

    How can the Entrepreneurship Avenue help me develop my startup idea?

    As part of the Entrepreneurship Avenue you and your startup idea can benefit from the networking opportunities at our offline events as well as knowledge and feedback from accomplished entrepreneurs, your personal mentor and your pitch trainer during the online Lab series.

    • Connect with like-minded students and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the event series
    • Discover the organizations and opportunities in Viennese startup ecosystem during our offline events in Vienna
    • Learn from knowledge shared by successful entrepreneurs
    • Refine your idea based on feedback from mentors during our Labs series
    • Improve your presentation skills with the support of a pitch trainer during our Labs series
    • Win prizes in cash and kind to kick start your career and business at the Pitch Award at the end of the Labs series
    • Meet investors and supporters of your idea at the Conference on June 4th, 2024 at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna
    In which language will the Entrepreneurship Avenue be held?

    The whole event is held in English as we want to give everyone the chance to participate. However, at the in person events in Vienna, there will be many speakers and mentors who are German natives – so if you feel more comfortable in German, you will certainly be able to network and ask more personal questions in German.

    Who is organizing the Entrepreneurship Avenue?

    The Entrepreneurship Avenue is organized by students in cooperation with SIMC and ECN.


    SIMConnect – The student organization of WU’s SIMC master program

    SIMConnect aims to build the community around the MSc in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control and connects its students with the program’s alumni, faculty and external partners. The student-driven organization offers a wide variety of activities and services, such as the organization of workshops, speeches, and training with corporate partners, as well as the hosting of social events for the active student and alumni communities. Furthermore, SIMConnect represents the students’ voice to the faculty to co-create an outstanding master program.


    ECN – The Entrepreneurship Center Network

    The ECN is a platform for interdisciplinary networking and support for entrepreneurship at universities. We promote entrepreneurial thinking at universities and connect students from all disciplines, subjects, and different universities. We support them with basic funding knowledge, therefore raising the number of university start-ups from multiple disciplines. The ECN supports you as a young founder and future head of a company. You can learn entrepreneurial skills, meet other students with the same mindset and get professional support for your first steps to entrepreneurship.

    Am I signed up for all 5 Labs if I register for Lab#1?

    Yes! You are just signed up for all four labs now! We will contact you with more information about each lab via email.

    Do I need experience or knowledge about startups to take part?

    No! Our Labs series is designed for students who are interested and want to make their first steps and explore the opportunities in the startup scene. You need no prior experience or knowledge about startups, starting a company or project management.

    Do I need a business idea to take part?

    No! It is great if you sign up with an idea for a project but it is not required since you can also form teams with others who already have an idea.

    Do I need a team to take part?

    No! It is great if you sign up with a team but we will provide you with several opportunities to join other teams or to find co-founders for your idea (Networking at Kick-off, Pitch at end of Lab #1, ECN Matching Platform). If you can’t wait to meet your potential co-founders, you can create a profile on the ECN Matching Platform and select “I am part of the Entrepreneurship Avenue” when you register right away!

    Can we join the Labs as a team?

    Yes, you can! If you already found a team you want to work on your project with, please let us know when you fill out the form. Just select “I already have a team” on the form and list your team members!

    What will happen at the LABs?

    Throughout the Lab series you will work on a business project idea that solves a problem and learn how to refine it, understand how to make money with it and how to present it to your customers, business partners and investors.

    Lab #1 – Idea Presentation
    In the first Lab, you will present your ideas and find startup team members or join a team with an already existing idea complementing them with your skillset and interests. At the end of Lab #1, you will form interdisciplinary teams and define the problem you want to solve with your project.

    Lab #2 – Business Model
    At Lab#2 you will learn about the steps of implementing a business project and the importance of solving a problem with your business idea that creates value. You will be ready to apply the tips you got during this Lab in your project development.

    Lab #3 – Mentoring
    The goal of the third Lab is to receive feedback from an experienced mentor on your developed business model. We will match your team with one of our mentors – experts in the startup scene, industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Our mentors come from a broad range of backgrounds – life sciences, manufacturing, digital industry etc. – and we will make sure to find your perfect match according to your interests!

    Lab #4 – Pitch Training
    You will be able to improve your pitch with our trainers and learn how to best present your idea to potential investors. You will be asked to prepare a 1 minute pitch based on the insights you have received in the previous Labs beforehand. At the beginning of Lab you will receive tips about storytelling. Then, a pitch trainer assigned to your team will provide feedback and work with you on further perfection of the pitch.

    Lab #5 – Demo Day
    In the last Lab, the semi finals of the Labs series takes place. It is time to present your progress and final pitch to a diverse jury during a pitching competition. The jury will decide on the top 10 teams who will then have the opportunity to win prizes with their pitch at the final Pitch Award at the Conference on June 4 at the University of Economics and Business (WU) campus.

    What kind of project/startup idea should I work on?

    You should work on any idea for a business that you find interesting, no matter how complex or simple. If you are not sure where to start, think about a problem that you have in your personal or professional life (e.g., spending too much money on certain products/services, no motivation to learn a new skill or wasting food). It is very likely that others are also bothered by this problem and would even spend money on a solution. For example, the founders of refurbed who took part in the Entrepreneurship Avenue Lab series in 2017 were upset with how expensive and unsustainable it was to buy smartphones and developed a sustainable and cheaper marketplace for refurbished products.

    Do I need to be a university student to take part?

    Our workshop series is designed for students from different backgrounds! No matter your background, we are looking forward to your participation! The more diverse the team, the more innovative the projects!

    Is there a participation fee?

    No! Every event is completely free of charge!